Meet “Magic Fingerz”, the Super talented Sound Engineer you should know

Magic Fingerz (Sound Engineer}

Born Bimela Bertrand Banseka, Magic Fingerz is one of the Cameroon’s rising producers. Born in Nso, Magic Fingerz grew in up Bamenda listening to some of the biggest names in POP and Reggae from Bob Marley and of course the one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

He dropped out of school to pursue his career in music. Though worlds apart from the hardship of Bamenda this did not deter him but rather spark his ever growing love of the music industry.
Magic Fingerz has worked with prominent artists such as Gasha, Ewube, Pascal, RudeBwoy etc. Currently signed to Douala-based record label StrangeKings as their in-house Producer/Sound Engineer.

Magic Fingerz (Sound Engineer}


  • Magic Fingerz is actually is an Identical Twin
  • Magic Fingerz Started Dancing at early teenage years
  • Magic Fingerz consider Jovi as his biggest influence when it comes to sound engineering in Cameroon

Let’s watch and listen to one his best work ever below



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