[World Vibes]: Queen Elizabeth II appoints First Black Personal Assistant


Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah, a Ghanaian-born man, will be the first black equerry to serve the royal household in British history, Independent reports.


The equerry supports the monarch at official events, including public visits and receptions at the Buckingham Palace.

Major Twumasi-Ankrah will begin to assist Queen Elizabeth II at public events as soon as the Duke of Edinburg, Prince Phillip retires from public duties.

Historically, the equerry looks after the royal horses, but in modern times, his responsibility has shifted to assisting the Queen as an aide.

Major Twumasi-Ankrah, who served in the Afghanistan war, is a 38-year-old who moved to the UK from Ghana in 1982.

He studied at Queen Mary University, London, and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

The Duke of Edinburg had retired from public life following his hospitalization for an infection.



SOURCES: Bella Naija, DailyMail,


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