Paul Biya Cutting His BirthDay Cake

The Cameroonian president celebrated his 84th birthday with his close family at the presidential palace in the Etoudi district of Yaoundé on Monday the 13th of February 2017. Amongst those who were present were Franck Biya and the first lady, Chantal Biya. Lights went off during his big day celebration as he was been honored at the Congress Palace.

The electricity operator (E.N.E.O.) is known for their unexpected and continuous electricity failure and blackouts. They extended their failure by surprising the population with numerous interruptions during the anniversaries ceremonies organized in honor of the head of the state.

At the ‘Palais des congrès’ in Yaoundé on the 13th February 2017 young militants of the CPDM and supporters of Paul Biya, among were other top government officials from Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndongo, to André Mama Fouda (Minister of health) were all present to celebrates the President’s birthday but were all shocked and surprised when lights went off. The congress palace was plunged into darkness and created Panic amongst the shouting and screaming crowd. So ENEO frequently cut light indiscriminately and deprive electricity of many families on a daily basis.

NB: It was cut at the ‘Palais De Congres” not the Presidency. 

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