Mr. Ayala (Schengen King) C.E.O of SBM

The boss of popular record label SBM (Schengen Black Movement) temporarily suspends the shooting of PaddyFoks‘ hit single “Sexy“. Schengen King as he is known in the industry who had already paid for the shooting of the video to the video agency Afrik Media just revealed that he has suspended the video shooting which was supposed to start today indefinitely.

Sealing the Video Deal at Afrik media Head office in Douala

His reasons were straight and simple, “I am not respected as the Boss in my own Record Label” he said. He didn’t cite who disrespected him. He also says he won’t be receiving any refunds from Afrik Media because it’s his fault, not theirs.

To disrespect someone is to act in an insulting way toward them. When you disrespect people, you think very little of them.

There are a lot of challenges workers and owners in the music industry face. Every boss’s ultimate goal is to build “Dream-Teams”, but there is serious dearth of respect for workplace authority. In a nutshell, some employees are not showing as much respect for their bosses as in times past and a lot of cases are experienced every year. Some will even go as far as bashing their bosses as well as their place of work. The same place that gives them a check monthly or bi-monthly is not getting any respect for doing as such.



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