Stephane Nembot Official Colorado Ravens Shoot

Standing at 2.01M and weighing 134KG Stephane Nembot is a 25 year old Young Cameroonian who had dreams of playing Basketball in the US. He was born and raised in the city of Douala, Cameroon; confident of his tall stature immigrated to the US to school with dreams of playing Basketball and probably making it to the NBA.

He earned a degree in International Affairs and Ethnic Studies, with a minor in Business. At high school, Stephane had little or no knowledge about American Football (A sport that is very uncommon in his home country Cameroon). Being from the French Speaking Cameroon, Nembot had challenges and difficulties adjusting with his all English courses but still beat the odds. Another challenge was understanding the American football language; hearing of football, diverts his mind to Soccer with his parents still mistaken it for Rugby. In high school, Ayinde Bomani, a college trainer admired Nembot’s towering look and envisioned him as a football prospect.

As a highschool senior with football mate

As a high school Junior Nembot excelled in training and became one of the best quarterback in his team. Drawing inspiration from many stories, he worked himself obsessively and got team credits for that.

Finally after months of playing high school football, with the will power, tall frame, stamina, stability and consistency, Nembot attracted dozens of suitors with which he finally decided to start his career with Colorado as a full time defensive tackle and was named twice as the team’s top defensive lineman. He was drafted and now plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL.



Stephane is a Christian and praises God every day. His hobbies include watching movies, basketball games and listening to Cameroon music. He now speaks three languages; English, French and Spanish fluently. He plans to come open an orphanage and starts his foundation in Cameroon.

With His MUm

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  1. Great. I’m happy that cameroonians are opening up to different fields , dispelling the fear of not being successful Inna foreign country if one selves into foreign fields.

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